sabato 27 febbraio 2010

55- don tiki adulterated - the remix project (taboo records)2004

01-Ursula 1000 - The Other Side of the Moon
02-8FatFat8 - Clutch Cargo Cult
03-Don Tiki - Heat(jack fetterman's tabuzack mix)
04-Pascal Plantinga - Da T'Ing He Grow
05-keith Kandell - An Occasional Man
06-Certain Frank - Close Your Eyes
07-DJ Jimmy B - The Natives Are Restless
08-Poi Dog Pondering - Polyamoré
09-Don Tiki - Bwana Banana (Br Cleve's Bongo Congo Mix)
10-Don Tiki - Terminal (Perry Coma's Comatose Mix)
11-8FatFat8 - All Quiet Flows the Don

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