domenica 14 febbraio 2010

27- RUBE - another gone record (jazz&milk)

01_Rube - Another Gone Record
02_Rube - Get Up!
03_Rube & Dusty - Big Band Jump Parts 3 & 4
04_Rube - Dharma Bumrush

Informed and inspired by Jazz, beat poetry, and Big Band Swing, the Rube's 'Another Gone Record' is the kind of record that B-Boys, B-Girls, Lindy Hoppers, Jazz Cats, Beatheads, and Hep Cats can all appreciate. The EP opens up with 'Another Gone Record' where vocal scatting and chilled out hip hop Rhythms mingle with Big Band Horns and walking Basslines in a tasteful downtempo mixer. 'Get Up!' picks up the pace at a tempo Mr. Cugat could appreciate as much as Mr. Bambataa might.

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