domenica 14 febbraio 2010

26- Savage y Suefo - sweet relish (urban world records)

01 - Sweet Relish (Original)
02 - Sweet Relish (Radio Edit)
03 - Sweet Relish (Vono Box Remix)
04 - Sweet Relish (Mash & Munkee Remix)
05 - Santoor Salami

The label about this release:
After a very successful 2009 UrbanWorld Record's is starting 2010 with our 4th release,Savages y Suefo made a great remix of Unkle Ho on the very first UrbanWorld release, and we instantly invited them back. Sweet Relish takes the sound of UrbanWorld more eastwards, fusing the sounds of Indian bellydancing with modern club vibes. Vono Box really pushes the breaks and beats in a jungalistic kind of way, while Mash & Munkee extracts the essence of funky bellydance. As a special extra Santoor Salami is a beautiful ethnic ambient track, showing the broad spectrum of styles this duo works with.

urban world records

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