lunedì 15 febbraio 2010

34- chinese man- the groove session vol II(2009)

01-chinese man-intro
02-chinese man-calling bombay
03-chinese man-elysean fields
04-chinese man-post trauma feat. cyph4
05-chinese man-jumpin in havana
06-chinese man-7th street
07-chinese man-ordinary man feat. white jive
08-chinese man-ayoyo
09-chinese man-batteries not included feat. plex and lush one
10-chinese man-he said
11-chinese man-our time feat_franco
12-chinese man-bonus track__femi kuti - day by day (chinese man rmx)
13-chinese man-bonus track__ayoyo na macumbinha (dj sandrinho rmx)
14-chinese man-outro

mscjunkie, I think you like this.ciao.


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