domenica 14 febbraio 2010

30- manzel - midnight theme

1. Midnight Theme (Dopebrother 7 Inch Remix)
2. Sugar Dreams (Dopebrother Remix)
3. Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty (Dopebrother Remix)
4. Just For You (Dopebrother Remix)
5. Long Way Home (Dopebrother Remix)
6. The Party (Dopebrother Remix)
7. It's Over Now (Dopebrother Remix)
8. Space Funk (Dopebrother 7 Inch Remix)
9. Vera Cruz (Dopebrother Remix)
10. Jump Street
11. Midnight Theme (Dopebrother 12 Inch Remix)
12. Space Funk (Dopebrother 12 Inch Remix)
13. It's Over Now (Masters At Work Remix)
14. Midnight Theme (Original)

this is the never-before released
full album from keyboardist Manzel Bush, the legendary 70s funk figure well-remembered
for his classic break tracks. As a whole, the album is a masterpiece of spacey keyboards and
funky drums...funkier than just about any other record you can think of from the late 70s.
This set was put together by Manzel in collaboration with Kenny Dope, and features
new mixes by Kenny Dope & The Undercover Brother.


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