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martedì 25 marzo 2014

to the sound of philos records

To the Sound of Philos Records by Corrado Lonardi on Mixcloud

 all tracks are freeee !!!   go

 Ageless - Try My Remedy (Intro)
 Kinetik Groove - Good Thang
 B!unt Force - Funkadelic Frequencies (Feat. TechNoddo)
 Kinetik Groove - Won't Stop
 Kinetik Groove - On My Way
 Ageless - Seven Breaths
 Kinetik Groove - Lost In the Funk
 Ageless - Calling Out
 Kinetik Groove - Victory Dance
 Ageless - The Green Earth
 T.Wilde - Here With You
 Ageless - To the Sound of the Beat
 Ageless - Thrill Me
 Ageless - Treat You Right
 Ageless - Burnt Soul
 SwAy - The Way
 SwAy - Life Is Beautiful
  Inverse Universe - Blue Winter Slide
 Chronfused - Frozen Brains (TechNoddo Remix)
 The Geek x Vrv - Jazzy What
 The Geek x Vrv - Get Up
 Ageless - Souled at the Highest Bid
  Inverse Universe - Summer Swing
 SwAy - Say That You Want Me
 The Geek & VRV - Sacrifice

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