domenica 25 aprile 2010

120 - globe by dj max & gabb - think(timewarp)

01 - think(club mix)
02 - think(radio mix)
03- afrovibes(timewarp inc nudisco remix)
04- let da rtm(feat rakkamuthafukka - zamali remix)
05- people survive(feat benjammin - quincy jointz extended remix)
06- people survive(feat benjammin - quincy jointz radio edit)

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mercoledì 21 aprile 2010

119- mr konfuze(nova gain )

01 - mr konfuze - that cat named micky
02 - mr konfuze - set me free
03 - mr konfuze - money inc
04 - mr konfuze & lunatic - on the beatbox

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118- let's boogaloo vol 5 (record kicks)

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record kicks

domenica 11 aprile 2010

117 - mop mop - ritual of the savage (infracom)

01 - the return of the king
02 - destination
03 - ash
04 - mr know it all
05 - so high
06 - outerspace
07 - blue soul
08 - african freedom
09 - ritual of the savage
10 - naja haje (omaggio a don cherry)
11 - hot pot
12 - aria

After the highly acclaimed "Kiss Of Kali" Mop Mop are back with "Ritual Of The Savage", the third studio album, written, arranged and produced by Andrea Benini.
"Ritual Of The Savage" contains twelve tracks of pure hypnotic Jazz, spiritual flavours, exotic Funk and Soul music influenced by Latin and African beats.
Collaborations in the album include the amazing UK vocalist Miss Baby Sol (backing vocaling for the likes of Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Paloma Faith, Nate James), veteran Jazz crooner Alan Farrington, Down Beat critics poll winner Gianluca Petrella on trombone, the Italian vibraphone Star Pasquale Mirra, the Voodoo sound of Guglielmo Pagnozzi on clarinette and alto sax, percussionist Danilo Mineo and Andrea Benini's co-writer and arranger Alex Trebo on piano and keyboards.

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116- gigoletto brass band (love monk spain)

01- boogaloow
02- koendu(africa con bajo)

The Gigoletto Brass Band are the brass section of Barcelona rumbatronic band Muchachito Bombo Infierno and Madrid-based jazz-funkers Speak Low and other players of the Madrid funk scene. “Boogalow” is a flaming piece of boogaloo in true Fania style, featuring Mr. Muchachito himself. “Koendu (Africa con Bajo)” is a mix of Afro beat and jazz

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115- mounam and trevor and lisa - whats need mama(favorite)

01 - whats need mama
02 - what needs mama(dwitt sharpp remix)

Originally from Cameroon, Mounam is the female entity in The Dynamics, Lyon's top reggae dub soul band. Since 1991, she's been a true student of live music, and has shared her learnings by participating on projects with Slovo Nommo (RuffLife Records-UK), MJA (Le Maquis- FR), Nutropic (Nocturne-FR) or Mr President (Favorite Recordings-FR).
this is a collaboration with the groove-funk band Trevor & Lisa, this track bubbles with Afro- Soul, making it only too irresistible on the dance floor. On B side, here is the sensual and hypnotic remix version of Dwilt Sharpp.

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114 - fresh out the box sampler 1(freestyle)

01- afro elements - think(aroop roy remix)
02- gypsy brown - life is a trip(mo horizons remix)

This brand new 12 features 2 tracks taken from the forthcoming Freestyle label compilation album 'Fresh Out The Box (FSRCD076) which features previously unreleased remixes, tracks that have only had vinyl release and many other tasty nuggets featuring Freestyle artists and today's top notch remixers. Kicking off with a track from Afro Elements 'Think' the Aroop Roy Remix, this electronic break and bleeping bass line heavy club killer enhances the Afro Elements original as well as wetting appetites for the full length Aroop Roy album, 'Nomadic Soul' which will be released on Freestyle Records early summer 2010. The flip side, is the Mo Horizons mix of Gypsy Browns 'Life Is A Trip' which is a funky, skanking dance floor filler where scratchy guitars blend with sexy sax riffs to mesmerizing effect.

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mercoledì 7 aprile 2010

major force- the original art-form(mo wax)1997

cd 1
01 - tycoon tosh & terminator troops - kiss fm radio promo
02 - tycoon tosh & terminator troops - love & peace
03 - boy ken - that's the jail
04 - takagi kan - love break
05 - major force production - sax hoodlum
06 - tiny panx - last orgy
07 - the orchids - yes we can can
08 - takagi kan - meet the rhythm
09 - ecd - hand made
10 - ecd - in tempo
11 - sdp - santastic mix
12 - takagi kan - love formula(brixton bass mix dub)
13 - hiroshi & k.u.d.o. ft dj milo - version(jump track)
14 - tycoon tosh & terminator troops - action
15 - tycoon tosh & terminator troops - bed jam session
16 - dj doc holiday - club of steel
17 - kool dj red alert & major force posse - prop master's party(gallon version)

tiny panx - last orgy

cd 2
01- Tycoon To$h - Midnight
02- Tycoon To$h & Terminator Troops - Get Happy!
03- Takagi Kan - Freakedout
04- SDP - Nice Guy (Nice Guitar Dub by Hiroshi Fujiwara)
05- Major Force Productions-Grass Roots Dub - Essential Dub
06- Tycoon To$h & Terminator Troops - Copy '88-'99
07- The Orchids - I Will Call You
08- SDP- Shinco About It
09- Tycoon To$h - Economic Animal In Concrete Jungle
10- TPO- Hiroshi's Dub (Savanna Mix by Satoshi Tomiie)
11- DJ Mix by Hiroshi & K.U.D.O. feat. DJ Milo - Thumpin'
12- The Orchids- Life is Science
13- TPO - Family Stoned Beat
14- DJ Mix by Hiroshi & K.U.D.O. feat. DJ Milo - Return of the Original Art-Form
15- Kool DJ Red Alert & Major Force Posse - Prop-Master's Party (Quart Version)

the orchids - i will call you

here cd 1

here cd 2

martedì 6 aprile 2010

nightmares on wax - still smoking (warp records)1996

01- stars(now mix)
02- gamba via vagator beach(scruff mix)
03- what i'm feelin(rae & christian mix)
04- dread overboard(dj food lifesaver mix)

gamba via vagator beach(scruff mix)

what i'm feelin(rae & christian mix)

sound : hip hop,d&b,beat

shimi sonic - funktronix

01- shimitronix
02-dress to impress
03-oh oh oh
04- her sexy ways
05 let it rain

The EP contains 5 original tracks ..
exploring the sound of Nu funk,house,breakbeat

you can listen for individual tracks on

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domenica 4 aprile 2010

113- trotter -back in time(royal soul)

01- sunshine(ft bury)
02- back in time (original)
03- keep on (original mix)
04- back in time(radio edit)

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112 mick & marc - we came from soul(remixes) [big m production]

01- introducing(timewarp inc remix)
02- crazy music(umbo remix)
03- our generation(badboe remix)
04- our thing(rory hoy remix)
05- for everybody in the world(quincy jointz remix)
06- cocktail break(pulp fusion remix)
07- breaking walzer (ram skank remix)
08- hip scene frequencies(mustbeat crew remix)
09- we came from soul(toni tress & traxxler remix)

mick & marc
big m

venerdì 2 aprile 2010

wim mertens - motives for writing(les disques du crepuscule)1989

01 - watch
02 - the personell changes
03 - paying for love
04 - no testament
05 - words on the page
06 - the whole

sound : new classic,minimal

the whole