domenica 11 aprile 2010

115- mounam and trevor and lisa - whats need mama(favorite)

01 - whats need mama
02 - what needs mama(dwitt sharpp remix)

Originally from Cameroon, Mounam is the female entity in The Dynamics, Lyon's top reggae dub soul band. Since 1991, she's been a true student of live music, and has shared her learnings by participating on projects with Slovo Nommo (RuffLife Records-UK), MJA (Le Maquis- FR), Nutropic (Nocturne-FR) or Mr President (Favorite Recordings-FR).
this is a collaboration with the groove-funk band Trevor & Lisa, this track bubbles with Afro- Soul, making it only too irresistible on the dance floor. On B side, here is the sensual and hypnotic remix version of Dwilt Sharpp.

mounam on myspace
listen & if you like buy it

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