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giovedì 27 maggio 2010


nudisco break funk 2 from corrado lonardi on Vimeo.


01 - DJ AGENT 86 - all about the money (dj butcher's maguire edit)
from "all about the money
on lightspeed
02 - VIENA LOCO - funk intrusion (ed royal remix)
from "funk intrusion"
on clubcruise
03 - NEIGHBOUR - funk in a can
from " glove box ep"
on homebreakin
04 - MR GAGUN - set you off
from "set you off ep"
on timewarp music
05 - MIKE DEVELLIS & SNEAK E PETE - same ole' thang
from "same ole' thang"
on pockit
06 - PRZASNIK - sueno tropical
from "azymic"
on funky mamas & papas
07 - TORPEDO BOYS - kokoro ni rock'n'roll
from "return of the auslanders"
on lounge
08 - MASHED UP FUNK - drop the pressure
from "mashed up funk vol 9"
om mashed up funk
09 - BMD - summer booty
from "greasy booty"
on rebel scream
10 - MASHED UP FUNK - apache funk
from "mashed up funk vol 9"
on mashed up funk

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