domenica 9 maggio 2010

123 - the jive turkeys - bread & butter(colemine)

01 - the funky turkey
02 - the jt strut
03 - soul hi
04 - cickenfoot
05 - straight fire
06 - bill collector
07 - stamp
08 - funky brewster
09 - talking that talk
10 - grimmin'
11 - b a
12 - otis lament

The Jive Turkeys are made up of four musicians who have been playing together for the better part of the last five years in a hip-hop group called Soundscape. Soundscape is a group based in Oxford, OH, home of Miami University. This is where Matt Amburgy (organ), Terry Cole (bass), Andrew DeRoberts (guitar), and Rob Houk (drums) first met. And while Soundscape has always provided all of them the opportunity to grow and develop as musicians through the group’s unique fusion of genres (hip-hop, funk, jazz, rock), The Jive Turkeys is a group that is much more narrow in its focus.

The formation of The Jive Turkeys came about when the four decided they wanted to record some stripped-down, raw funk. So, they borrowed an organ, a Leslie, some old amps, all got together in a tiny little room and started cranking out tracks.

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