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domenica 9 maggio 2010

122 - movements 3 (tramp records)

01 - iris bell trio - something else (feat butch miles)
02 - fat gaines orchestra - backlash
03 - janets we three - sidewinder
04 - the echomen - let's get together
05 - the port angels - angel food
06 - orchestra luis enriquez - hello ,quincey
07 - ernesto cardenal - grito pidiendo
08 - roy burns with dick grove big band - dead ringer
09 - tiny grimes - backslider
10 - joe viera sextett - song for my father
11 - solar plexus - the serpent speaks

no longer focuses on the sound of raw funk only. kirmayer's goal is to please an open-minded audience with an exciting selection of funk, soul and jazz music. most of these tunes had been privately released and might have been forgotten if it weren't for aficionados like kirmayer securing them and bringing them back to life. nothing more needs to be said about movements 3 as we will now let the long-silenced music speak for itself. now is your chance to get your hands on this incredible collection of tunes. we hope this selection serves as a reminder and a beacon to today's music enthusiasts. may the great music never fade away!

tramp records

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