martedì 24 gennaio 2012

Blundetto - Voices Of Jamaica (mixtape)

Voices Of Jamaïca by heavenlysweetness

ntro with don camillo
warm my soul - blundetto with courtney john
Love- Junior Delahaye
i'm the one to blame- john holt
you just got to be in love-boris gardiner
lonely soldier - gregory isaacs
the race-the gladiators
mongo walk - the in crowd
you'r enot good - ken boothe
won't come easy- seeny & the wailers
be thankful - donovan carlos
lucky man -courtney john
we people- nicky thomas
when the lights are low - joya landis (blundedit)
mr wind- ken boothe
reform institue (version) - gregory isaacs
adis abab - wackies all stars
rocky road- blundetto dubplate with don camilo
voices re-dub-a-dub - blundetto with hindi zahra

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