venerdì 25 novembre 2011

news & future

01 - AUDIODOPE - dope is back
02 - AUDIODOPE - speddating
03 - TOM CROOSE - cho chua
04 - VALIQUE - i'm here
05 - THE BAMBOOS - the wihelm scream
06 - KOJATO - feel sexy
07 - KOJATO - everywhereyou go now,kuti
08 - PITCH & SCRATCH - genug
09 - ANDY H - old school beat
10 - HIGHLANDER DJ feat NILLA PIZZI - il tango delle capinere
11 - CMC & SILENTA - it's true (the captain remix)

4 commenti:

  1. thanks for all this new stuffffff........!!!!!!!

  2. brother, we are creating a webradio with important international scene in the music underground, we’d love to have you in our team.
    for an hour or more per week. If you are interested please respond,
    greetings and thanks for everything.

  3. @ backhatfm :You tell me when and how and I will send you something

  4. the radio is only on line there will be direct broadcasting where the DJ software (Traktor or Virtual DJ Serato) connects to the server for live!
    There will be music without commercials or advertisements 24 hours ... genres will be divided according to time slots. There is a directed automatic selections that vary according to the present day. various dj everyday care and other direct selections.
    There will be an area for video projections built into the site.
    hours according to your ability and skills you can decide how to collaborate, both in direct and in the selection of automatic or giving initiatives directed ideas and anything else!