lunedì 27 dicembre 2010

The Normal - Warm Leatherette (mute) 1978

"The Normal were born in 1978 when Daniel Miller, inspired by the attitube of punk, and the music of people like Can, Neu, Kraftwerk etc. bought a KORG700S and a four track recorder and set up Mute to release the resultant single called 'T.V.O.D.' backed with 'Warm Leatherette' which investigated the erotic possibilities of a car crash. Before punk it would have been inconceivable for someone of Miller's self confessed musical limitations to release such a record. Over a quarter of a century later the first release on Mute records is still as original and groundbreaking as ever."  from

01  Warm Leatherette
02  -  T.V.O.D.

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