domenica 12 settembre 2010

mc tunes vs 808 state - tunes splits the atom(ZTT)1990

01 - tunes splits the atom(original rap)
02 - tunes splits the atom(zero gravity mix)
03 - dance yourself to death(marley mix)

5 commenti:

  1. hey master i have an question. what player do i need to play these files? i mean is not workin' for windows xp. i need a special player? is it mac or somethin'? btw, very thanks for your music!

  2. rename the archive with a single letter, then extract

  3. the extract is ok. the files i don't know in what format are. there are not mp3's

  4. strange. I downloaded the file, I extracted, and the files are mp3.
    still in the folder, you can display both images and audio files?
    to extract the file I had to rename it, because:
    "Can not find the path specified.
    the total length of the path and file name must not exceed 260 characters"

  5. yes are there in the folder. i can see the covers but i cannot play the mp3's. anywayyy doesn't matter. thanks