giovedì 4 marzo 2010

THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - all my relatives look the same(ghetto recording company) (gtgt12)1990

The Dave Howard Singers is a cult Canadian alternative rock band/project originally formed in Toronto, Canada. The project is based around the talents of the single consistent member - singer-songwriter Dave Howard - and the signature sound of his Ace Tone organ.[1]

Howard's work is noted for its mixture of eccentric humour and sincerity, and its persistent attempts to marry extremely disparate and clashing elements of light popular music (lounge-pop tunes, crooner vocals) and industrial/electronic avant-garde music (rapid electronic rhythms, noise, screaming), as well as for Howard’s vigorous stagecraft. His highly emotional performance style has led him to be described as a "surreal revolutionary"[2], "a vaudeville entertainer for the post-apocalyptic age"[3] and "damned irresponsible and depraved".[4] His songs have been described as "evoking a singular world both comforting and cruel[5]"

Howard himself has admitted “I've always had a passion for exploring extreme emotions, especially in my work. Extremely deranged, delighted, demented, deluded, you name it.”[6]

During the second half of the 1980s, the band were resident in (and drew many members from) Britain, where they were a cult act making several appearances on nationwide television. (wikipedia)

this is their last ep.

sound: indie british pop with a nufunk fell !!!

a1- THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - all my relatives look the same(5m22s)
b1- THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - all my relatives look the same(4n22s)

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